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Quality Education 

  • Ukraine University World ranking is averagely high. Many of their Universities are of high standard with big structures and very qualified teachers. Please make sure you do your proper findings about the University of your Choice before you apply. 

  • Almost all their courses are globally Recognized (WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL, etc.)

A Great Country to Explore

  • There are chances of permanent Residence & settlement in Europe after completion of study program.

  • The Citizens of Ukraine are very friendly to foreigners 

  • The environment is very conducive for academic learning

Vibrant Student life

  • There are so many foreigners from different parts of the world in Ukraine , even students from the USA , China , United Kingdom and so on , and you will get to learn more about cultures of different countries and make friends as well

Easy Admission Process

  • There is no need for IELTS, SAT, TOEFL before you could apply to study your desired program

  • There are two admission seasons - September admission and February admission each year 

  • If you want to apply for preparatory program , you can apply any time you want , there is no closing date for that

Low Tuition Fees and cost of living

  • Medicine and other courses in Ukraine are quite cheap compared to other parts of Europe. Medicine is one of Ukraine’s major strengths. There are thousands of International Students studying in Ukraine.

  • The general living cost in Ukraine is relatively cheap, compared to other parts of Europe. Most students can survive with as low as between $100 and $200 per month. This largely depends on the student’s lifestyle.


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