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The procedure is that simple that you`ll definitely love it. Just follow these 4 steps:

  • Choose your university and study program OR you can seek free consultation from us by sending us a message. Also you can choose the language of study and degree level. 

  • Then click here to fill the online application form. Follow the link and fill your application!

  • Within 24hrs - 2 days you will get a confirmation letter on your email , and you will have to pay for admission fee , After your admission has been approved you`ll get an invitation letter from your university. Great job! Now take this lucky ticket and apply for your visa (if you need one – check eligibility requirements ,contact us). Usually the visa process takes from 10 till 30 days.

  • Oh, your visa is already issued? Congrats! Now pack your luggage and get ready for your life as a student. Our representative will come and welcome you at the airport and also help you in all your registration .Ukraine waits for you! 

There’s no doubt that you’ve made the right choice by choosing Ukraine as the country to study in. But don`t forget about the second most important ingredient for your success – timings! 

There are two enrolment opportunities per year (for Junior Bachelor, Bachelor and Masters degrees): the one for fall semester just closed on December 15th, the one for spring semester will be open until April 15th, 2021. Don’t miss your chance!

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