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Our Services

Amazing Yolo Travel Consults ( formerly called Yolo Travel Consults ) provides foreign students with the full information about European Systems of Higher Education(especially Ukraine, Cyprus) and offers honest and professional advice from the moment of Application and during the whole period of staying in Europe.

Some of the major services rendered to foreign students willing to study at European Universities are listed below:

  1. Prompt response to our students through E mail, on phone or through social media 

  2. Assistance in selecting best University for a certain program

  3. Assistance in choosing appropriate Bachelor/ Master program/ PG programs

  4. Invitation/admission letter from a certain/recommended University

  5. Admission Confirmation Letter from our company

  6. Assistance in Tuition fee payments to the University

  7. Assistance in purchasing Cheaper Air tickets for current and future students

  8. VISA support/ Confirmation from the Department of Higher Education in Ukraine (through Ministry of Education and ministry of Foreign Affairs).
    Communication with European Embassies worldwide to support our candidates visa procedure

  9. Airport pick up with University and Amazing Yolo Travel Consult representative holding Official permission and Identity to avoid any unpleasant circumstances for student.

  10. Airport pick up from all International airports in Europe (especially Ukraine and Cyprus)

  11. Transport to the University with our staff

  12. Assistance in Immigration Clearance on Arrival

  13. Accommodation arrangement in hostel

  14. Assistance in obtaining Health Insurance

  15. Assistance in going though Medical check ups on Arrival in Ukraine

  16. Assistance in Registration with University and Department of Visa and Registration

  17. Assistance in obtaining Student ID card, Hostel card, International student card

  18. Assistance in opening Bank Account 

  19. Providing full support to our students at all occasions during whole period

  20. Arrangement of separate rooms for female students And many more ....

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