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Ivano Frankovsk National University Of Oil And Gas

Dear Students! 

The Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (IFNTUOG) is the higher education institution in Ukraine granted the IV (highest) accreditation level, training specialists for oil and gas and energy industries of Ukraine and other countries.

The Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas is the only higher education establishment of oil and gas profile in our country was founded in 1960. 

Since its creation IFNTUOG has trained over 28000 professionals. Now students major in 28 specialities at 14 departments.
682 members of university teaching staff (56 Doctors of Sciences and 239 Candidates of Science) pass their profound knowledge and immense practical experience to the students. High-quality long-term teaching is ensured by technical and support staff. Over 600 people are employed in university research and development institutes.

The University also trains students for other countries, such as, Bulgaria, Byelorus, Vietnam, India, Iran, Jordan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Pakistan and Turkmenistan. 
Many foreign delegations visit the university to establish scientific and academic cooperation. A wide exchange between representatives of educational establishments from other countries assists to assert positive image of IFNTUOG on international scene, realization of selected course on international accreditation, integration in educational and scientific world concord.


IFNTUOG works in close cooperation with higher education establishments in Austria, Germany, Argentina, Canada, India, USA, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, France, and Russia. This ensures stable cooperation in academic, teaching, and research issues, and often results in joint conferences and workshops. Every year university students have the opportunity to undergo practical training in Romania, Greece, Germany, USA, Canada, Turkey, Egypt, and other countries. This became possible because of the university membership in various student organizations (IAESTE since 1992, IAESEC since 1990).

The powerful potential of the University enables it to train highly qualified specialists through postgraduate and doctoral courses. Enclosed you will find information as to the departments of the university and the courses offered by them.

For foreign students the University provides several stages of training.


Ivano Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas offer training in following programs at Bachelor, Master, PG and Ph.D level

Oil and Gas Department

1) Oil and Gas Extraction 
• Development and Exploitation of Oil, Gas and Gas Condensate Fields
• Offshore Oil and Gas Technologies
• Labour Protection in Petroleum Production
2) Drilling

The Department of Oil and Gas Pipelines 
1) Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storage Facilities
• Design and Exploitation of oil-products pipelines and petroleum storage depots 
• Design and Exploitation of Gas Pipelines and Gas Storage Facilities and automobile gas-filling compressor plant
• Design and Exploitation of gas-supply system
• Construct of trunk oil-and-gas pipelines
• Service, Repair and Reconstruction of oil-and-gas supply systems
• Construct of gas supplying systems

Mechanical Department
1) Equipment of Oil and Gas Fields 
• Exploitation of drilling equipment
• Exploitation of gas-and-oil equipment
• Construct of gas-and-oil industry equipment and instruments
2) Motor Vehicles and Transport Facilities
• Technical Operation of Oil and Gas Technological Transport

Mechanical Engineering and Technology Department
1) Machine Building Technology
• Technology of Oil and Gas Field Engineering
• Computer-Based Machine Building Industry
2) Parts Restoration and Wear-Resistance Increase
3) Welding Technology and Equipment

The Department of Electricity Supply and Information Measuring Technology
1) Electrotechnical Systems of Electricity Supply
• Energy Control and Marketing in Power Industry 
2) Metrology and Measuring Techniques
• Computer-Based Intellectual Methods of Measurement
• Metrology, Standardization and Inspection Certification
3) Non-Destructive Control Devices and Systems
• Methods and Inspection Tools of Quality and Production Certification

The Department of Automation and Computer’s Sciences
1) Control and Automation Systems
• Control and Diagnosis Systems of Oil and Gas Complex Units
2) Computer Systems and Nets
3) Automated Control of Technological Processes
4) Software Support of Computer-based Systems

The Department of Geological Prospecting
1) Geophysics 
• Geophysical Methods of Prospecting;
• Geophysical Wells Exploration.
2) Oil and Gas Geology

The Department of Ecological Engineering
1) Ecology
2) Geodesy 
3) Land Tenure and Cadastre
4) Tourism

The Department of Economics and Management
1) Business Economics
2) Accounting and Audit
3) Finance 
4) Management of Organizations

Management and Information Technology Department*
1) Documentation Science and Information Studies
2) Translation
* - at the end of this course the students can be granted a Master’s Degree in “Public Administration” (field of specialization Administrative Management and Economics)

The Department of Tourist Centre Architecture
1) Urban Planning

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