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Do you wish to study abroad? Ukraine is an affordable, yet qualitative option! This site provides information about studying in Ukraine. There is a very high demand for International students in Africa to study abroad after their secondary school Education. The reason is because of the current standard of Education in Africa and the few available seats for placement.  This website is full of all the information you would need to know about studying in Ukraine . There are lists of goood schools you can study in Ukraine with affordable Tuition fees and also good academic backgrounds

Advantages of Studying in Ukraine

Why Study Abroad? Why go for Education Abroad? Why even study in a country like Ukraine? You need to know all these information before you ever think of Studying Abroad. Below are some few advantages and Benefits of studying in Ukraine.

  • Ukraine University World ranking is averagely high. Many of their Universities are of high standard with big structures and very qualified teachers. Please make sure you do your proper findings about the University of your Choice before you apply. Please contact us for more information.

  • Almost all their courses are globally Recognized (WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL, etc.).

  • Medicine in Ukraine is quite cheap compared to other parts of Europe. Medicine is one of Ukraine’s major strengths. There are thousands of International Students studying in Ukraine.

  • The general living cost in Ukraine is relatively cheap, compared to other parts of Europe. Most students can survive with as low as between $100 and $200 per month. This largely depends on the student’s lifestyle.

  • There are chances of permanent Residence & settlement in Europe after completion of study program.

Please note that we will not tell you about the advantages, without telling you also about the disadvantages (Studying in Ukraine has some disadvantages also)

Ukrainian Visa Information

Below are the full requirements to getting a Ukraine visa in Nigeria; Applicants for student visa have to submit the following documents:

1. Passport with expiry date of at least 6 months following the end of visa validity and at least 3 blank pages and photocopy of first page of passport.

2. Visa application form, printed or written in block letters. It must be filled in carefully, clearly and precisely and signed personally by the applicant. It is free of charge to download an electronic version from this web-site or to obtain a paper version at the Embassy.

3. Two recent colour pictures attached against the white background of visa application form (30x40mm).

  • Application for Invitation Letter

  • Education Abroad will always require either an Invitation Letter or an Admission Letter. For Ukraine, only an Invitation Letter is required to apply for the visa.

  • The Invitation Letter is the main document. This letter has an official stamp on it. It is directly from the Ministry of Education in Ukraine. The name of the Institution and the details of the student is either typed on it or written with a pen.

  • To apply for an invitation letter, you will need only a copy of your International Passport and Secondary School Result (S.S.C.E or N.E.C.O).

  • Finally please note that many agents around the world give students admission confirmation letters. There is nothing like an admission confirmation letter from Ukraine. Those letters are made up by agents and they are neither issued by the school nor any ministry. THE ONLY RECOGNIZED AND APPROVED DOCUMENT IS THE INVITATION FOR STUDY LETTER. Please contact us if you need us to help you confirm if you have a genuine letter or not. We can also help you get genuine letters.


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